Holy Communion retreat

Jeff worked this morning so Jason and I hung out.  Laura had her First Holy Communion retreat today. Luckily, my dad could take her to it because I had to stay with Jason. My dad came over in between though and hung out in case I needed any help.

Laura had an excellent time.  They made things like a Tabernacle and tasted the bread to get an idea of what it would taste like. She said she wished she could do it again! I thank the volunteers for that.

Jason and I played a lot. He also showed off his new found language development to my dad by saying ball, apple, car, duck and more. He also says school bus, truck, helicopter, train, no way, please help.  He's getting there!

When Jason napped, I did a few things on the computer and played the Sims.  Not very productive but my mind needed a break.  Jeff mowed the lawn for the first time this year.  He didn't miss it.

Tonight we went to Wegman's grocery store.  Jason sat in a seat at a kids table and watched TV as he ate.  We were really floored when he threw out his trash without asking or prompting.  He even threw ours away.

At Lowe's, he loved exploring and running around. He'd never go too far without yelling mom or dad.  He liked climbing on the tractors and seeing what they are like.


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