27 months is so fun

What is Jason up to these days? Jason is learning in leaps and bounds.  I'm simply amazed with his learning and language development. He is 27 months and happy as ever.

On Saturday morning, I went in Jason's room to let Jeff get a few minutes of sleep.  I can't get him out of his crib, but I can talk to him and read. I pulled out a book with colors and read it twice.  Before I knew it, Jason was telling me that Lady was black, Lucky was white with black and pointed out pink!  He likes pointing out pink and blue.  He can tell you that Mommy and Daddy cars are blue. He also can point out orange.

He knows that he is two and says it clearly.  

I hear him call, "Mommy!"  He calls for me in the morning, throughout the day and at bed. I love hearing him say my name.  He is both a Mommy and Daddy boy.  After his nap, he knows Daddy is home and gets very excited.  

Jason still has a love of cars, trucks and buses like no one I have ever met.  He can hear a bus from any proximity and yell bus as he runs to catch a glimpse.  Jason talks about, "big trucks" and "cool cars."  He likes to line his cars up and says, “are you ready? 1-2-3 Go!" Then pushes the cars like a race. We also race on my deck.

He knows many letter sounds and can recognize the letters. These are often letters he has learned from observation. I have always sang the alphabet song to him. I also sing my own version- Apple, Apple Ah Ah Ah and so on.  Now he sings it too.

Jason is still easy to put to bed.  He'll follow you or lead the way to his crib. He naps about 2-2.5 hours and he will sleep about 10-11 hours a night. We aren't complaining!

Watching Jason and Laura grow is beyond fun and such a privilege.


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