Laura's First Holy Communion

Laura had her first Holy Communion on Saturday, May 2. This day was definitely beyond special to me. It might sound crazy but I love being Catholic. In a day where people are going to Church less and less, I want to go more. To see my children to get the same sweet joy that I feel about Jesus makes me overjoyed.

I wanted the day to be as perfect as it could be.  I could hardly sleep I was so excited.  My attendant worked for me that day - she normally doesn't on Saturday. She helped getting me and Laura ready before we headed to Mass. Jeff took care of Jason and they met us at Mass later.

The day was flowing with sunshine and warmth. When I saw Laura in her dress, it took my breath away. I knew that she would be beautiful but it still was more than I could possibly imagine.

We went to the Church early for pictures and I'm crazy about punctuality. My Dad met us and he had tears in his eyes when he saw Laura. I amazingly kept it together.

After a bit, I took my seat in Church.  The rest of my family came as well. I kept telling my Dad not to start getting emotional or it be all over for me.  He did pretty well, I admit.

The kids came in the church two by two - boy girl normally.  It was absolutely adorable watching them come in like that.  The service was beautiful and amazing watching her receive the Holy Communion.

Afterwards, we had a small party for her. It was really nice especially the weather held out too.  She received gifts like a Bible, Rosaries, and other figurines. I gave her a lamb, snow globe that plays Jesus Loves Me, Precious moments and a new iPad case.

Now she can receive Holy Communion with me on Sunday's and any Mass service. She looks so grown up now. Jason will be receiving his in about 6 years.


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