Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day is a beautiful day to celebrate the gift of motherhood. When I was young, I think 5, I knew I wanted to be a mom. Not being able to never crossed my mind which is funny because so many people do not realize that people with cerebral palsy can have babies.

Laura ended up spending the night at my Dad's house. When I checked my phone, my dad texted me that Laura had been sick to her stomach multiple times during the early morning hours.  He said that she was very brave and courageous.  My heart ached for her.

She was sleeping and he told me to go to Mass and he'd keep me updated. It felt extremely weird to go to Mass alone especially on Mother's Day. But Church recharges my strength batteries and very important.

After Mass, Jeff picked me up and planned to take me to breakfast. Well, every place was booked so we just went home.  I spent lots of time with Jason before Laura came home.  Unfortunately, on her way back, she got sick for the last time In my dad's car.

Laura broke my heart when she began to cry about ruining my day.  I assured her she didn't.  She gave me a card she had chosen by herself. It bought tears to my eyes.  Then she gave me card that she helped Jason make. So sweet.

Jason napped and we had Laura on the couch. I helped Jeff study and we both checked on her throughout.  She drank some water and ate dry toast.

After Jason woke up, Jeff took him to the grocery store.  He wanted to make me a special dinner, and it was.  

He came home and served me my favorites.  First was Caesar salad and then after that was lobster tail with hot butter.  I couldn't believe how good it tasted. Better than any restaurant.

Last but not least -ribs on the grill. So so delicious.  I was definitely spoiled and loved.  Laura ate chicken noodle soup. Jason loved the Caesar salad.

As Jeff cooked, he also mowed the lawn. Pretty cool. 


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