Monday, May 11, 2015

Sick day

Laura stayed home today because she had a bad stomach bug yesterday. This morning she was very white and tired.  It's not easy making these decisions but all you can do is hope it's for the best.

Laura felt better as the day went on.  She and I shared many laughs and enjoyed each other. I love the true uncontrollable laughter of a child. I love being the one making her laugh.

I ordered Chinese for lunch because that was the only thing Laura wanted to eat. She ate more and more as the day continued.  We worked on her book report and spelling assignments. 

Then she took out her games and said it was family game night. We played cards, hangman and a short version of pictionary. It was so much fun. Jason ran around with his cars.

After dinner, I felt a little achey so went to change for bed. Jeff and Laura took care of cleaning the living room and kitchen. Jeff put Jason to bed and did laundry. Showing love is all in the little things that makes the heart happy.

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