Speaking for nursing school

In eighth grade, I had to give an oral presentation in my English class. My classmates were so nice looking back because I was beyond nervous. When I'm nervous my CP takes flight. I had a hard time even just answering a simple question in class.  

With CP, stress makes movements and your speech so much worse than it normally is. It's something that is very hard to control but I seem to have a handle on it after a few minutes of speaking. The funny thing is I knew I wanted to be a teacher so I needed to overcome this big problem. I think I did pretty well overcoming my nervousness.

In high school, I took a public speaking class to better myself. The teacher thought I was insane and tried to talk me out of it. I stuck with it and succeeded. That class helped me tremendously with my speaking. In college, I gave several disability awareness presentations.  I think this helped me so much as well. Then winning Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania really helped me overcome my public speaking issues.

Jeff asked me to give a disability presentation for his class.  I haven't had the best experiences with medical professionals.  I haven't been treated with much respect or dignity. So, he wanted me to go in to educate future nurses about cerebral palsy, pregnancy and tips to educate nurses. I accepted, and even though I spoke before several times, I was nervous. Speaking in front of family is scary because they know your best and have expectations.

Jeff helped me with listening to me practice and tweek my PowerPoint.  I was honored that he felt confident to ask me to speak. The last thing I wanted to do was let him down. I took Jason with me just to introduce him to the class.  I made sure we arrived early. I enjoyed seeing his school and especially him.

After everyone saw Jason and I was set up, I began to speak. At first my body was a bit spastic but quickly relaxed.  I felt in my element and an educator at heart.  I love helping people and that is why I'm a teacher in the first place. 

The students and teachers seemed to really enjoy my presentation. I could tell Jeff was happy with it.  When he came home, he took us out to dinner to celebrate my talk.

Off to find the next presentation.


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