Sunday, June 21, 2015

A letter to Dad

In honor of Dad's everywhere that are raising a child with a disability.

A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

I'm sure that when you heard the news that I had a permanent physical disability that you felt scared.  What do you do? How do you operate as a parent? Parenthood is difficult enough without a disability involved. Now what?

I want to thank you for never giving up on me.  You found me in the body that just won't cooperate. You accepted, to the best of your ability, to be a dad no matter what and no excuses. You loved me when it was the easiest and the hardest.

You saw the child, and parent like the disability was just one aspect of life. It didn't mean to let me get away with everything or treat me as a baby. It meant you saw who I truly am.

Thank you for fixing my equipment whenever it broke. Helping my wheelchair look cool even when it was hard. Learning how to do hair because my hands just can't do it.

Thank you for giving me the self worth and esteem to help me live as independently as possible.  I'll never forget and strive forward no matter the challenges that awaits.

Me just who I am

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Jason has been eating Pepperidge Farm goldfish crackers for awhile now.   He's two years old and it is easy to say that goldfish are one of his favorite snacks. He especially likes to eat them after his nap.

On Wednesday, my attendant and I sat down to get my grocery list and coupons together for the store.  Jason wanted all of my attention that morning. I told him that I needed to work on the grocery list and to go play with his cars until we were finished. 

Jason stood up like a shock went through him and ran into the kitchen. He pointed to the counter and yelled, "goldfish!!!" It took me a second to realize that he was telling me to add goldfish to the list. We ran out of them during the weekend.

When I figured it out, we couldn't stop laughing and I was floored that he connected me saying grocery list to needing to buy goldfish! Not bad for two!  

Needless to say, Jason was a very happy boy when we were at the store and he let everyone know!

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