Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Information on Pope Francis visit

Over a million people are expected to see Pope Francis when he comes to Philadelphia on September 26-27 that marks the closing of the World Meeting of Families. His visit here will conclude his trip to North America which includes Cuba, New York and Washington DC. He will visit Independence Hall, celebrate World Meeting of Families and Mass on the Benjamin Parkway.

The World Meeting of Families Congress was created by St. John Paul II in 1994 to understand the role of families and give an opportunity to share challenges plus blessings. The congress is made up of people from 150 countries. Their meetings will be held at the convention center in Philadelphia from September 22-25.  Up to 10,000 to 15,000 are expected for the meetings.

The Festival of Families will take place on September 26 on the Benjamin Parkway. Music especially by Andrea Bocelli, visual artists, other music artists and Pope Francis will be at the festival. 

Be prepared to walk and dress appropriately for the weather. Major cellphone carriers are organizing more cell coverage all over Center City. Free wifi will be available and charging stations. More than 3,000 porta potties will be available and 300 will be wheelchair accessible.

Handicapped seating hasn't been determined as of yet. Multiple medical areas will be around for medical emergencies.

Milk chocolate day

July 28 is milk chocolate day. Milk chocolate is eaten by the millions all over the world every single day. Ice cream, candy, pudding, milk, cake, pies and much more all can be made with the simple ingredient of milk chocolate.

Mostly everyone has heard of the Hershey bar. The Hershey bar is the fourth top selling chocolate bar in the world. Snickers is actually number one! 

Milton Hershey is the creator and created a town in Pennsylvania named Hershey. He had plants that made Hershey bars and other Hershey chocolate products. The town even smelled like sweet chocolate.

Since the time Milton Hershey designed the Hershey community, he wanted a place for employees to relax. His mother thought it was a terrible idea, but in 1903, Hershey surveyed a property.  In 1907, Hershey opened the park with a baseball game.

Did you know that a manufacturer named William Dentzel from Philadelphia made the horses for the merry go round in 1912? The carousel cost $15,000 and had an array of animals. Hershey Park has come a long way since 1907, but it remains a fun and relaxing place for families. 

Enjoy milk chocolate on July 28 and each day!

 - National milk chocolate day

Milk chocolate day

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Respect parents day

Respect parents day is on August 1. Parents need to teach and show children how to respect their parents. Unfortunately, it doesn't just come naturally when we're born. Children need guidance and can't do it alone.

Respecting parents means to listen to them, help them, and be kind. As children grow older, they try to have an identity of their own. Talking back or sass is very common especially as they enter the teenage years. 

Here are some ways to help you manage when children talk back:

Keep calm - It's easy to be mad when a child talks back or sassy to you. You automatically feel disrespected and your feelings might be hurt.  Your first response might be to yell.  Yelling is proven not to do much but escalate the problem.  Take a deep breath. Remain calm but firm. If out in public, tell your child the conversation is on pause until home or in car.

Figure out the problem - Age and hormones might be the root of sassy talk. However, there could be a bigger issue.  Dig deeper to the situation. Are they feeling hurt, alone or afraid? Are there issues with school? Any friends issues?

Explain to them acceptable ways to talk - You probably will need to repeat these steps over and over. Tell him or her the right way to talk and respect adults especially parents. Model it and practice it daily.

Carry out consequences - If you warn with a consequence, follow through or your child will learn quickly you don't believe what you say.

Praise them when they are polite!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pronto Peel

Do you have trouble turning on and off your television because of your disability?  I do.  The remote turns over as I push buttons or I can't aim it right.  It's a pain in the neck.

Jeff bought me a device with an app called Pronto Peel.  It basically turns your iPhone into a universal remote. I can turn my television on and off plus change channels and volume control. All Jeff did was plug in the Pronto and download the Peel app.  Everything is pretty easy to set up.

Now I can turn on Sesame Street for Jason and a movie for Laura.  I can do this all by myself.  No more waiting for someone to help me.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fourth of July

I played with the kids in the morning. Jeff had to work so I got up early to shower and get dressed.  Jason told me Jeff brushed his hair and teeth.  He was very proud. We looked at kohls online. We ate breakfast.  He hugged Laura when she woke up.  They played and watched Frozen.  When Laura faked a cry, "Jason said she's crying." Great sentence.

After Frozen, Laura made a party in Jason's room.  We had cookies, candy and played games.  Before the party,  I was on the phone with my mom.  They were both calling, "mom!"  So cute.

After the party, I cleaned the living room of toys.  Jason played and Laura read.  My dad took Laura out for lunch.  When Jeff came home, he cleaned the bedroom and rearranged it a bit. 

We were invited and went over Grace's house for a picnic. Jason had fun playing with twins that are three.  Jason now says, "lightening McQueen." He loves the Cars movie.

We came home. Jeff put Jason to bed and cleaned the kitchen plus did laundry.  No fireworks this year - Jason's sleepy and Laura is not home.

Hardest disability moment - not being able to help Jeff rearrange furniture 

Best disability moment - when Jason saw me put on a shirt myself over a tank top and said, "cool mommy. Cool shirt."

I love that Jason gets my disability so much. He knows it better than most and so caring. Always looking out for mommy.

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