Fourth of July

I played with the kids in the morning. Jeff had to work so I got up early to shower and get dressed.  Jason told me Jeff brushed his hair and teeth.  He was very proud. We looked at kohls online. We ate breakfast.  He hugged Laura when she woke up.  They played and watched Frozen.  When Laura faked a cry, "Jason said she's crying." Great sentence.

After Frozen, Laura made a party in Jason's room.  We had cookies, candy and played games.  Before the party,  I was on the phone with my mom.  They were both calling, "mom!"  So cute.

After the party, I cleaned the living room of toys.  Jason played and Laura read.  My dad took Laura out for lunch.  When Jeff came home, he cleaned the bedroom and rearranged it a bit. 

We were invited and went over Grace's house for a picnic. Jason had fun playing with twins that are three.  Jason now says, "lightening McQueen." He loves the Cars movie.

We came home. Jeff put Jason to bed and cleaned the kitchen plus did laundry.  No fireworks this year - Jason's sleepy and Laura is not home.

Hardest disability moment - not being able to help Jeff rearrange furniture 

Best disability moment - when Jason saw me put on a shirt myself over a tank top and said, "cool mommy. Cool shirt."

I love that Jason gets my disability so much. He knows it better than most and so caring. Always looking out for mommy.


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