Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Milk chocolate day

July 28 is milk chocolate day. Milk chocolate is eaten by the millions all over the world every single day. Ice cream, candy, pudding, milk, cake, pies and much more all can be made with the simple ingredient of milk chocolate.

Mostly everyone has heard of the Hershey bar. The Hershey bar is the fourth top selling chocolate bar in the world. Snickers is actually number one! 

Milton Hershey is the creator and created a town in Pennsylvania named Hershey. He had plants that made Hershey bars and other Hershey chocolate products. The town even smelled like sweet chocolate.

Since the time Milton Hershey designed the Hershey community, he wanted a place for employees to relax. His mother thought it was a terrible idea, but in 1903, Hershey surveyed a property.  In 1907, Hershey opened the park with a baseball game.

Did you know that a manufacturer named William Dentzel from Philadelphia made the horses for the merry go round in 1912? The carousel cost $15,000 and had an array of animals. Hershey Park has come a long way since 1907, but it remains a fun and relaxing place for families. 

Enjoy milk chocolate on July 28 and each day!

 - National milk chocolate day

Milk chocolate day

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