Monday, August 31, 2015

The forty year old woman with cerebral palsy

Forty years old always sounded so old even when in my thirties. I don't know why. It is just a number and what you do within that year is important. Well, kind of. There are a few things that we have lesser control over as we age. For awhile, there was a time a long time ago, that people with cerebral palsy were fortunate if they lived past 40. This wasn't because of the actual physical disability but lack of appropriate care for the aging person.

Physically, with cerebral palsy, muscles do wear out a bit faster and muscle control does deteriorate over time. It's not immediately. I notice that things that used to be relatively easy for me to do, isn't so much.  But I'm not about to throw in the towel, sit in my wheelchair all day and give in to my body changing. I have two children who need me and a husband who loves me. I have goals to achieve and places I haven't seen yet.

Saying aloud that I'm forty is still weird. It doesn't roll off the tongue as easy as thirty. I guess eventually everything will catch up and it'll feel natural until I'm fifty. But I got to say, even though I have more to accomplish, I can say I'm happy with where I am. Two beautiful children, a husband that likes to surprise me small and big, pets, and support from friends and family. I did more than even I imagined I could.

My birthday week started with a birthday party at my sister's new house. The kids loved swimming. Jason was able to swim with Laura and my nephew.  We had a nice time.  On Monday, we went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and then took the kids to the Please Touch museum. We all had a great time there. On Tuesday, we went to get Laura's eyes checked and new glasses. It was difficult to watch her struggle with the exam. But I'm glad she has a new prescription for her eyes.  On Wednesday, I went grocery shopping and out with Jeff. I also had a meeting that night.

My birthday 

My favorite thing in the universe is to see my children happy. I decided to take the kids to Hershey Park! The weather was perfect. Needless to say we had an awesome time. Expect to read a new blog about Please Touch and Hershey Park soon. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Jason's Summer 2015

Jason turned two and a half exactly ten days ago! I'm not sure where time is flying but it sure is fast. Jason, I think, has had an extremely fun summer. In addition to fun, he has advanced greatly verbally.

Jason can now say his name, I love you, names of people he couldn't say before and speaking in sentences. He also apologizes. When someone looks tired, he'll ask, "are you tired?"  Words are just coming daily.

Laura and I are very close. But Jason has a lot of my personality and likes. For one, he loves to go places even if it's just a walk around the block. He finds humor in just about anything and he's a morning person.  He has an amazing memory for as young as he is. One thing that they both have in common is that Laura and Jason are very smart and catches onto things quick. 

Jason can recognize all of the numbers in the alphabet now.  He's a master at sleeping in his big boy bed and it takes little prompting to remind him at cleaning his toys up after nap or waking up in the morning. He does a much better job at keeping his room clean than the living room. He can wash his own hands and brush his teeth. However, he has little desire to learn how to dress himself. He knows animals and animal sounds. But he isn't always the nicest to his pets and needs reminding that they have feelings too.

Jason's favorite toys are still cars, trucks and buses.  Laura has taught him how to spot a jeep from miles away. He points them out whenever we drive or walk anywhere. Jason does like dinosaurs but vehicles are number one. He's beginning to let me read to him more and more but doesn't have time in his opinion to hear the whole thing. He rather hear the beginning and end.

Jason has a few favorite tv shows- Curious George, Sesame Street, Blaze, Paw Patrol and now Max and Ruby. He loves his iPad and not too happy when mommy or daddy takes it away. He loves You Tube Kids and watches anything car or truck related.

This summer he discovered the moon, fireflies, Hershey Park, Please Touch Museum, beach, parks and fireworks.  Laura and Jason aren't big on ice cream.  Jason had fun on our vacation to Colonial Williamsburg. He saw ducks each day. He also gained lots of courage in the pool.

Jason impresses me with how much he understands about my cerebral palsy. When I mention I need to use the bathroom, he'll jump up and open the door for me. He just does it out of the kindness of his heart. He can plug my wheelchair in and puts my footrests up or down. Jason still likes feeding me and giving me drinks. Everything I can and can't do is just natural for him. 

Jason loves Laura and now says her name correctly, He used to say Las or Des.  They are best friends and love each other very much. Laura has a lot of patience for Jason and teaches him daily.

Now we enter fall and I wonder what this will bring new to Jason!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Laura Summer 2015

Every summer, since before the start of school, goes too fast. Moments are bitter sweet because its actual time you get with your child without distraction. This summer has been great and flew by once again. Everyday Laura has impressed, challenged, and intrigued me. 

Laura has read and read. She is completing the Harry Potter series and is into Judy Blume books. She spent many nights reading away and waking up late.  I can't complain about reading too much.  

Laura has learned the game Checkers and Chess thanks to my Dad. She taught me how to play Chess. She's an excellent teacher and we enjoyed playing together.

In June, she had a free summer program about physics basically.  It was only an hour a day but she enjoyed it.  My friend saw it and I remember waiting a long time online to register her. She learned a lot!

Laura enjoyed two weeks of summer camp at Science Explorers. One week was in July about about space! She loved it and learned so much. The camp was right across my street so easy for me to pick up and drop off.  I have a signature stamp Laura could do to sign in and out. The other week was in August about the deep sea. She liked it and educated us all about brackish water, the Dead Sea and salt water. Since these were both close by, I visited her at lunch when they were outside. She was very happy.

In July, my other friend told me about Jurassic World Vacation Bible Camp. It was three half days jammed packed with games, music, and pure fun.  It was for free and she had extreme fun!

We went to Atlantic City and Ocean City. We did outside concerts and local fairs. We watched movies and stayed up late!

Last week we went to Williamsburg Virginia for a week.  Laura loved it and was sad to leave. She swam, liked seeing Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed the beach. She got two hermit crabs.  Laura also learned to play Boggle.

Laura has grown closer to Jason and they are great together.  She has excelled at karate every Tuesday without complaining. She is learning how to bike. 

Next week she enters the Third Grade.  I will miss her very much but am excited for new opportunities and fun that I know she will have.  Laura was close to tears the other night as I put her to bed. I asked why? She responded, "The end of the day means another fabulous day together is over and I will miss it with all of my heart." I know exactly how she feels.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Approved by Catholic bishop clean power plan

 Great news for the environment! The White House’s plan for clean power is a welcomed and much needed step. The chairman of the U.S. Bishops committee on domestic justice and human development couldn't agree more.

What is the clean power plan? The clean power plan sets federal limits on coal fired power plants. The Archbishop of Miami said that this is an essential step to protect all people especially children, elderly and those who have health difficulties. This plan will have a great impact in helping the environment from pollution and climate change.

The clean power plan assists in keeping with God’s plan for a healthy sound Earth for years to come. God gave us Earth as a gift to take care of and not destroy. This plan is a step in the right direction.

Power plants are the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions. The plan will set standards to lower emissions by 32 percent by the year 2030. The plan will give states ways to develop methods to obtain goals for their needs and situations.

Some say this plan is too difficult to actually work. Also, they say it will be very expensive to do.  However, the administration says that an American family can expect to save $85 a year by 2030. Besides financial benefits, there will be health improvements too by lowering premature death and help the environment.

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