Sunday, August 16, 2015

Laura Summer 2015

Every summer, since before the start of school, goes too fast. Moments are bitter sweet because its actual time you get with your child without distraction. This summer has been great and flew by once again. Everyday Laura has impressed, challenged, and intrigued me. 

Laura has read and read. She is completing the Harry Potter series and is into Judy Blume books. She spent many nights reading away and waking up late.  I can't complain about reading too much.  

Laura has learned the game Checkers and Chess thanks to my Dad. She taught me how to play Chess. She's an excellent teacher and we enjoyed playing together.

In June, she had a free summer program about physics basically.  It was only an hour a day but she enjoyed it.  My friend saw it and I remember waiting a long time online to register her. She learned a lot!

Laura enjoyed two weeks of summer camp at Science Explorers. One week was in July about about space! She loved it and learned so much. The camp was right across my street so easy for me to pick up and drop off.  I have a signature stamp Laura could do to sign in and out. The other week was in August about the deep sea. She liked it and educated us all about brackish water, the Dead Sea and salt water. Since these were both close by, I visited her at lunch when they were outside. She was very happy.

In July, my other friend told me about Jurassic World Vacation Bible Camp. It was three half days jammed packed with games, music, and pure fun.  It was for free and she had extreme fun!

We went to Atlantic City and Ocean City. We did outside concerts and local fairs. We watched movies and stayed up late!

Last week we went to Williamsburg Virginia for a week.  Laura loved it and was sad to leave. She swam, liked seeing Colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed the beach. She got two hermit crabs.  Laura also learned to play Boggle.

Laura has grown closer to Jason and they are great together.  She has excelled at karate every Tuesday without complaining. She is learning how to bike. 

Next week she enters the Third Grade.  I will miss her very much but am excited for new opportunities and fun that I know she will have.  Laura was close to tears the other night as I put her to bed. I asked why? She responded, "The end of the day means another fabulous day together is over and I will miss it with all of my heart." I know exactly how she feels.

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  1. Hi Jessica -

    I've enjoyed reading your blog for a couple of years now. You seen like an amazing mom..... keep up the great work. I'm so impressed by Laura's reading! I have a daughter who will also be starting third grade this fall and she has always struggled with reading. There is no way she could read a Harry Potter book! I love to read so it hurts my heart to see her struggle with it, but we keep on trying and she mad great progress last school year. Anyway, just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and congrats to Laura on her excellent reading skills! Oh yeah, and Jason is sure a cutie :)


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