Parking lot safety

When I was pregnant with Laura, I took an infant CPR class with my sister.  Even though I knew my physical capabilities weren't exactly there to administer CPR, I wanted to be educated enough that I could help in any way possible if a situation occurred.  I'm glad I did!

The instructor was very good and talked to me about various scenarios.  We discussed how I mainly am on the floor at home and how that in itself could help my child.  I was told that the main cause of a child not breathing was when they eat something off the floor and choke. By me being on the floor, I could see what no one else can and remove it from the child.  Prevention is the first key to safety.

I took his advice seriously. I decided that since I couldn't do all the physical attributes in parenting, I could prevent.  I try to be one step ahead at all times.  Crossing the street is one hazard that I wanted to keep them safe. 

As soon as they both could walk, me and whomever we might be with, taught them to "walk with mommy." This means to hold on to my armrest on my wheelchair and walk with me. If they can't hold on because the armrest is too hot or some other reason, they have to stand close and walk with me.  

To this day, Laura will naturally grab my armrest and walk with me.  She's almost nine. Jason is now very good at it. All I need to say is walk with mommy and he will.  He also reminds himself.

When Laura was younger, she didn't like holding anyone's hand. I like to keep things light and fun so I made up a song to make crossing the street or parking lot fun. It goes "parking lot safety, parking lot safety - we are doing parking lot safety!" It's very simple but makes a serious thing into fun.


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