Sunday, October 25, 2015

End of October 2015

Here we are at the end of October! It went by way too fast for us. Jason and Laura are thriving and learning all of the time. Jason has begun to enjoy looking at books and will sit through a story (if you read fast enough!) In the beginning of October, he went over my Dad's house for the very first time while I went to hockey. We think Laura and her cousin were more excited than he was. But he loved riding in my Dad’s car.  He made himself right at home and had zero trouble at nap time.

Laura has been doing wełl at school.  The work has been challenging and she's learning how to overcome things that are more difficult. She's called me twice for good grades from school.  Laura is still reading away - sometimes one book per night. Even though I prefer her to sleep more, as long as she is pleasant in the morning and good grades - I'm not complaining.  Finding quality time with her has been a challenge. She has homework, science club, karate, friend time, her time, time with Jason, time with Jeff and all the grandparents want her on weekends! Just making the most of our mornings and evenings sometimes are all I can do. 

Jeff has been working hard at school and home. We also need to spend time together.  We were able to see some movies together. One at the theater called The Martian.  The other two at home when the kids were away. Jeff surprised me with Chinese and two different types of cheesecake for our home movie night.  The little things sure add up!

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