Thank you to the hostess at Olive Garden

Last week we took the kids out to the Olive Garden for dinner.  It was the last day of school for Laura before Thanksgiving break. And Jeff also just didn't feel like cooking. I certainly didn't argue on going to the Olive Garden. I had a long day and wasn't feeling the best either.

When we normally go to places, in general, people make silly assumptions.  It's nice when people get it right.  We went in the restaurant and there was a little bit of a line.  Jeff escorted Laura to the bathroom, and I stayed with Jason.  When the hostess was ready, I told her we had 4 people - 2 kids - 1 high chair. She understood me right away. 

Shortly after Jeff and Laura returned, she sat us.  She pulled out a chair for me and said that it was for his wife when talking to Jeff. It made me smile because not many people just assume I'm his wife so to hear it without being told, was nice.  Then they put the high chair by Laura and before I knew it, she helped Jason with his jacket. Usually we get creeped out by people too friendly with our kids but her mannerisms were just kindness. Jeff helped me with my jacket.  Then she put him in the high chair. 

Jeff and I looked at each other but realized Jason was totally cool about it. I felt happy because she helped with one less step that Jeff normally has to do.  He never complains but sometimes I feel bad that he has to do it all. 

So, thank you, for your kindness and assuming the best instead of the worst.


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