Trick or Treat wheelchair style

Halloween is always more fun with kids of your own. As a kid myself, I wasn't too into Halloween because everyone knew me. My dad had to carry me into most people's houses. I also can't stand the cold.  I enjoyed giving out candy and my brother and sister would share their candy with me.

When I had Laura, I was excited about Halloween. My neighborhood is accessible so I could take her. Her first Halloween she was barely a month old.  She wore a pumpkin outfit and looked so cute.  As the trick or treaters came, they wanted a glimpse of Laura. At some point, we had to turn off the outside light because the doorbell kept waking her.

The next year she was a bumble bee and made it to a few houses.  But at two, she was really into it. She was an angel and went with her cousin who was five.  She enjoyed it.  She has been a dinosaur, bat girl, witch, Dracula, Red riding hood, power ranger , bee, pumpkin, angel and this year - Hermonie from Harry Potter.

Laura was actually on the fence about going trick or treat. The year before she was getting over a bad cold. So when we went out, her stamina wasn't there. I took her home and we handed out candy as Jeff took Jason around. She enjoyed handing out candy and being with me that she said she gave up trick or treating for good! I felt sad about this because she was only eight.

When September came around this year, I started talking about Halloween.  I got her to the point where she would go out and then come back and hand out candy. I told her that I wanted to stay out the whole time because I did when she was young and I wanted to see Jason too. 

Jeff went out and hooked two flashlights up to my chair.  I have terrible night vision so it was a huge help. Jason thought they were very cool and played with them too much that after Halloween, they went away.  But, they were a big help when needed.
Jason was a minion this year. He loved dressing up.  We always call him a minion anyway since he talks like one.  Laura met a new friend this year from school.  He lives 7 minutes away by foot.  They wanted to go together this year. Another motivation for Laura to go. He was Harry Potter so the two of them looked fantastic 

We all went together and had a blast.  Jason wasn't shy for long. He would go right up and say Trick or Treat! He also remembered his manners and said thank you!!  Laura stayed out the full two hours and also had fun. I think she felt a little bad about not being able to hand out candy but I told her she will have many years for that.


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