Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fun December

I love the month of December. I enjoy being busy and giving to others so December has both of those things. Most importantly, I love Christmas. Celebrating the birth of Jesus is just wonderful. My childhood memories of Christmas is full of happy times. From decorating the house, the tree to Christmas morning December is great.

We decorated the house the first Wednesday of December.  Laura usually likes to decorate with me, but she told me that she only wanted to decorate a few certain areas. So, my attendant and I decorated when she was at school.  Jason was very funny in the beginning. He didn't like us moving things around and changing his house. He slowly became more and more interested and pointing out snowmen and such.  When Laura came home, she looked around and approved of our work. She also went right to work on the mantel.

Wherever we went out with Jason, he pointed out Christmas items.  He insists on calling Santa Claus Christmas trees.  I'm not sure why to be honest.  He loves looking at Christmas lights and says, "oh wow!" and "how cool!" The first weekend of December, we did lots of fun things.  We went to Sesame Place Christmas. Jason enjoyed seeing the characters, the beautiful Christmas lights, and the rides. He also liked the parade.  The next day, the was Breakfast with Santa at my church.  At first, Jason wanted nothing to do with him.  He even told my attendant that he didn't want to see him.  But as Jason turned away, I said why don't you give Santa a high five? To my surprise, he did!  Then he talked to Santa and finally sat on his lap!

On December 12, we went to pick out our Christmas tree.  I had hockey in the morning and the kids went on the Santa train with my dad.  Jeff decided to decorate the outside of our house. After Jason took a nap, we went to look at a tree.  It was so warm that I didn't even need a jacket! Jason absolutely loved looking at all the trees. It was as if he knew exactly what he was doing. He also enjoyed watching Jeff get it in the house!  The next day, Shawn and Laura mainly decorated and Jason cracked up seeing I got him a Lightning McQueen ornament and Mater from the Cars movie.  He loves seeing the tree lit each night.

Laura is also excited about Christmas.  She is getting older and questioning things more, but I believe the hint of magic is still alive.  She enjoys updating our Advent calendars (we have 4 and 2 edible.). She likes giving to people too. She helped me pick out some toys for children in need. She also went through her things for children in the foster care system.  As Laura gets older, I'm trying to teach the beauty in caring for others.

I have two favorite memories with Laura this Advent season.  The first one was when my dad dropped us off at
Kohls department store. Laura wanted to use her allowance to buy for family members and people the closest to her.  I loved how detailed and heart felt all of her choices were. She had a story or meaning behind each gift. I helped her somewhat but everything was mainly her idea.  It warmed my heart and makes me smile whenever I think about it. 

The second was last Wednesday night in my town.  One of the church's held an event for everyone with music and stories for Christmas.  Laura didn't want to go at first but later changed her mind. When she came home from school, she did her homework, showered and put on a pretty dress. They had hot chocolate and cookies upon entering.  We sat down and it opened with the song, "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." It was so pretty and everyone sang. But looking at my beautiful Laura with a smile and joy in her eye - it made the night.

Both of the kids have enjoyed our elf, Jack. At first, Jason wasn't too certain about the whole idea. But then he figured if Laura was excited, maybe there was something to this little elf.  First thing in the morning they both find him and giggle when they find him. I think we will all be sad when Jack goes home until next year because he brings so much joy.

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