Jason at two but almost three

Jason is growing leaps and bounds. Everyday he's saying new words and sentences. He's making new and logical connections.  Jason is just a neat boy to be around.

Jason knows his letters, can count to ten, recognizes numbers, and picks out letters from words. He showed me the other day that J is for Jason! He counts cars and other objects. Jason is a the type of boy that you can show him something once and he remembers. In fact, he has one of the best memory that I have ever seen for a two year old.

Jason is also a man of routine. We have hardly ever had any difficulty to get him to nap.  He knows that shortly after lunch, he can play a little more than nap. Jason tells others the routine too, and he could probably tell you the whole house routine if the vocabulary was there. 

Jason is usually easy going but sometimes he just wants to insert his stubbornness.  Luckily, it usually passes quickly and we move on. He definitely reminds you of what is important. He asks you to play with him and your immediately drawn in and centered to what is important.

When he wakes up in the morning, he calls Mommy. During the school week, Laura opens his door since it's around the time that she wakes anyway. Laura says, "hug to pass!" And they hug each other before he leaves the room.

He likes to clink glasses, plates etc and says, "Cheers!" Laura taught him this.

I ask him to let Lady and Lucky out in the morning and he runs to do it and usually says, "okay!!!"

When we've been out on errands, Jason will ask, "Mommy, want to see Lady and Lucky?" Translation: I want to go home.

He knows directions pretty well when we are out. He will tell me when we are about to pass a river or over pass.

He tells me when he sees a jeep, fire trucks and other vehicles.

Jason likes to say, "Mommy, will you play with me?"

He likes to sit next to me when I eat breakfast.

He helps me play with him by guiding my hands.

He says please and thank you.

Jason says, "Merry Christmas!" To people walking by.

He says Hi to people when we are out.

Jason says I love you so cute.

He likes his stuffed kitty, blanket and dog.

Jason loves showing all his cars.


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