Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My hips used to hurt and now feel better

A few months ago, I could barely crawl or straighten my right leg. Whenever anyone put me in my wheelchair, the pain was striking and I couldn't even straighten my leg. I feared that being forty plus all of my sitting in the W position had caught up to me. It got to the point that I needed to take an Aleve daily. I know doing taking one daily isn't very good for your liver, but I needed it just to make it through the day. The pain made it difficult to sleep.

The first step I took was doing range of motion. I had my attendant stretch my leg in an up and down motion. Even though it was pretty painful, I started to feel better. I didn't give up just because it hurt. Although it was tempting, believe me.  I also would do leg lifts in the afternoon on my own and in bed.

 I also bought glucosamine and take two of them each afternoon. I've heard many success stories of people who took glucosamine that had joint pain. They told me how much better they feel.  One day we were at Costco and I remembered to buy some. When I came home, I noticed that they were huge white pills.  I decided to take it during lunch time. I believe they helped me a great deal.

Just like that, it seemed, I was back to myself with being able to move my right hip. Now I can crawl all over my house without any pain. It's so nice to be able to "run" down the hall to the kids rooms.  Plus I can help whoever puts me in my wheelchair by fully extending my legs. I know this makes people happy who is picking me up. 

So, if you're in a similar position, please try the steps that I took. I hope you find it successful.

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