A story of a brave boy

This past Sunday was an odd day all around.  I didn't teach prep because we had off for Martin Luther King weekend.  I picked Laura up from her first slumber party around 9am.  Although she had fun, she was extremely tired as expected.  She didn't want to nap so I let her watch TV.  The weather forecaster's were unexpectedly calling for snow. I planned on going to Mass that night as usual but with snow wasn't so sure.

I played a lot with Jason.  He led me to his room, turned off the lights and told me, "don't be scared, mommy." As he proceeded to play with his tiny light saber.

Jeff cooked us an amazing lunch.  My favorite tomato mozzarella salad and a sandwich, corn plus fries. He also bought me an orchid. Both of the kids claimed that they were starving but wouldn't eat.  

After Jason took a nap, Laura and I finished catching up on watching Super Girl.  Afterwards, I had her shower and take a nap herself before Mass.  I sat with Jeff on the couch and watched it snow.  I kept feeling that I really shouldn't go to Mass. My ramp is very dangerous when slippery and Laura was exhausted.  But I decided to go.

My Dad came to pick us up and as expected, my wheelchair went sliding down the ramp. Thankfully, I didn't run into my father but I did hit the gate he held open.  My knee was sore and snow covered. I brushed it off and went to Mass.  Laura slept on our 10 minute drive but she stayed awake and participated during Mass. The homily was good and helped me explore some feelings I've been dealing with. So, I was feeling happy about my decision of attending Mass.

Then just as my wheelchair was secured in the van and we discussed going to dinner - Jeff called.  He usually doesn't call but we always text so I knew something was wrong. He said that he thought Jason needed to go to the ER! I didn't give him a chance to explain. I said I'm on my way!  When we arrived, I waited in the van as my dad took a shaken Laura inside. I tried my best to calm her on the way home. Laura is very kind hearted and her brother is everything to her.

As I waited for Jeff and Jason, I tried to center myself and prepare for whatever was coming.  I pictured broken bones or eating something he shouldn't. I knew I couldn't panic for Jason's sake. Jeff placed Jason in his car seat. He appeared ok but it was dark so I couldn't see a lot. I saw that he had been crying.  Jeff got in the driver’s seat and told me what had happened.

Jason is active and likes to push boundaries as every two year old boy. Well, he was standing on the arm of the couch and before Jeff could tell him to sit down, Jason dove off and smack right into the end table.  He hit his lower lip right on the edge. Jeff explained that there was lots of blood and he cleaned him up as much possible and put a big bandaid on to stop the bleeding.  He wasn't sure how bad it was due to blood but wanted it to be checked out.

As we were checking into the ER, a security guard was there. He talked to Jason and gave a high five.  Jason was very quiet but not a whimper.  Our ER checked him out and determined that he needed stitches. But the doctor was truthful in saying that he might need a plastic surgeon to do it due to it being his smile.  You want it done right. They recommended us to go to DuPont hospital for children which is a forty five minute drive. We completely agreed.  I didn't want anyone doing it unless they felt completely confident. 

As they looked and cleaned his lip, Jason didn't cry or fight.  I know Jason and knew he was holding back the tears.  That killed me to see because he had to be in a tremendous amount of pain. I bite my lip by accident often and know how painful that is so this had to hurt a lot!

DuPont was wonderful.  Our ER called ahead so it made everything go quickly.  I was also happy because they treated me like they would any mother in this situation. The wheelchair was irrelevant which it should be.  Jason needed four stitches.  They put him to sleep and we could stay with him if we choose. We did decide to stay. As they told us about all of the possible side effects, my stomach knotted and I could feel myself getting emotional. I took a deep breath and had to be strong for Jason.

At DuPont, they have someone come in and distract children as they put IVs in or other painful procedures.  She was very nice and had an iPad.  Before that, Jeff gave him his phone and he watched Netflix as I kept family and friends updated to what was going on with my phone.  The lady played iPad games with Jason, Lego games and watched Thomas. Again, no crying.  His face turned red sometimes as pain was worse and he'd look to me for reassurance but not a peep.

Quickly our little room filled with two doctors and two to three nurses. He fell asleep fast and it's so bizarre that his eyes were open. The doctor told us that would happen.  Jeff and I were silent in our thoughts and listening to any noise and comments from the staff. The TV was on with a goofy kids tv show which made us nervously chuckle. But for the most part, we were completely still, silent, and gave each other reassuring glances that Jason would be okay.

The hardest thing was as they were stitching him, he whimpered.  Whenever he did, the doctor would increase the sedative. My heart broke hearing him.  The whole thing took about 20 minutes.  They told us that Jason would sleep 20 minutes or longer afterwards but he actually woke up about two minutes after.  He was groggy and drifted in and out of sleep but he was aware. 

They gave Jason an orange popcicle to eat so they knew he could handle something in his stomach. He refused.  We tried everything but think it hurt too much.  He finally did take a few sips of apple juice and we were clear to go home! Ironically, Jeff found the movie Cars on the TV right before we were clear so Jason didn't want to leave. We told him he could watch it at home.

On the way home, we stopped at WaWa because I didn't eat since noon and it was now 1 in the morning.  Jason talked to me about trucks and wanted to hear his favorite song, Happy. Shortly after Jeff got back in the van, Jason was asleep.

Today he's doing much better and the stitches are dissolving.  I take him to his normal doctor Friday to make sure he's ok.  Laura has been an amazing big sister and kind.  I'm thrilled it wasn't more serious and will be happy if we never need the ER again (but that's wishful thinking.)


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