Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blizzard 2016 at our house

As most know, the east coast was hit by super snow storm. Our area had about 28 inches fall starting on Friday at 7pm and ending Sunday around midnight.  Every time I looked out the window, it was white and more white.  I don't like the snow because it's a pain in the neck going anywhere.  I don't mind togetherness but even after awhile, that gets difficult. But we survived!

Laura had her green belt ceremony in karate.  I am very thankful that we could go without the snow. I'll write about her karate in another blog. Laura had one of her friends sleepover on Friday night. The girls were super excited. I was super excited for Laura since this year has been rough for her with some kids. So, seeing her so happy made me happy. I can also say that I have only seen Laura be so excited on a few rare occasions. Like when I told her she was having a brother!

The girls were fantastic and so nice to each other.  We let them watch Harry Potter and took Jason into our room to watch the Minion movie. Jason liked it but Jeff and I expected it to be a bit better.  We thought it was boring, but Jason watched it so that was good.  We put Jason to bed and the girls went to bed about 11.  It was blowing and snowing outside but we were all warm and safe.

About 5:45, I heard the girls were up. I was surprised they were up so early but I guess they were excited.  I laid in bed trying to relax and keep one ear out for them.  About 6:20, Laura knocked on my door to let me know that we were having a blizzard. And also that our dog, Lucky, couldn't make it outside and had an accident.

I came out to the living room and it was a whirlwind of carpet cleaners, paper towels and dog leashes.  They wanted to put the dogs on leashes and go out the front door. In my haze, I agreed.  It was blowing like crazy so that didn't work. Then they wanted to try the back and it was all giggles and confusion as they tried getting dogs outside during the blizzard. I managed to get them back in. I'm sure the neighborhood loved the commotion.

Unfortunately, her friend left earlier than planned due to the seriousness of the storm. Before leaving, they did some science projects.  After she left, we all relaxed and ate lunch. After putting Jason for a nap, Laura also fell asleep on the couch. Jeff did homework and I did a little of everything. That night as Jeff snow blowed once more, Laura and I cleaned the house.  She even vacuumed. She told me that she was happy to help me since I helped her so much.

Her friend slept over again on Sunday night because there wasn't school on Monday due to the snow.  They did just fine!

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  1. The weather might've kept you in, but it sounds like it was very warm under your roof!