Favorite activities on snow days

Here are some of my favorite activities to do on a snow day. Where I live, they are calling for a couple feet on Saturday.

Sleep in
Color with the kids
Cook with the kids
Bake together
Binge on Netflix 
Make cardboard houses
Draw pictures of dream vacations
Drink hot chocolate 
Eat chocolate 
Stare at falling snow
Tell your kids how much you love them and why
Play board games
Play card games
Play in the snow
Online shop
Pajama day!
Slumber party
Eat popcorn 
Dance party
Play in snow
Organize closets
Organize rooms
Rearrange furniture 
Clean your wheelchair 
Call relatives
Check on neighbors
Shovel neighbors walkway
Cook beef stew
Bake a cake
Watch HGTV
Pet your dog and cat
Clean out your pantry
Do your taxes
Change sheet day
Pilates and yoga
Play Doh!
Clay playing
Finger painting 
Make your own play doh
Teaching braiding hair
Read books
Act out books
Work on potty training
Mad libs 
Long bubble baths with toys
Make pudding



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