Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy 2016!  I hope you reach your dreams and goals.

New Year's Eve is probably my least favorite holiday. I remember being about 10 or so and breaking out in tears when the ball dropped. Why? Because I hate saying goodbye to time. I don't like seeing people I love get older, and I'm not a fan of change.  I'm also not a fan of alcohol. January is also my least favorite month because it's just cold and drab. Even though all these things I don't like, I still always wish to be invited to a party but usually am not.

I do like the idea of a new start and goals. I remember every year for Christmas I was given a daily diary. I liked cracking it open and smell the fresh paper. I enjoy keeping a log of what went on etc. Opening that journal excited me.

My resolutions for this year are:
1. Finish writing my book
2. Complete my web site
3. Build on my save money blog
4. Read ten books
5. Improve on my mothering and being a wife
6. Save money 
7. Work out more regularly 
8. Grow, learn, change, forgive 
9. Teach

This year Jeff will graduate soon as a nurse, Jason will potty train, Jason will start preschool in the fall, Laura will be a fourth grader and continue her green belt training. Who knows what else exciting changes ahead but knowing us - it should be fun!

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