Jason is a gentleman at two

Jason has a keen understanding of my disability. He doesn't question - he just accepts and acts. I noticed his willingness to help me soon after he learned to walk. Jason would always bring me my cup and hold it for me. 

Today, after waking up, I told him that I'd be out with him as soon as I use the bathroom.  He said ok and opened the door for me and turned on the light. He left and less than 30 seconds later, he came back and did something very kind. He went in and picked up the lid to the toilet for me! I was so surprised. Then he said, " have fun going potty!"

Jason will help me play and if I can't do a certain thing, he says, "It's ok, you tried." Whenever I get ready for bed, he will put the light on in my room and say, "Are you going to put on your pajamas?" He never thinks differently or treat me different because of my disability. Jason called me a princess after placing a rainbow crown on my head.  He tells his sister that she's pretty or did a nice job on art work.

He likes to let Lady and Lucky in and out of the house. In fact, he insists on it. Jason asks me if I'm ok if I cough or sneeze. I think he's pretty intuitive young man considering he's not even 3!


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