Laura and her art

Laura has had a love of art since she was one. Art and art projects were her absolute favorite. Some of her favorite gifts were tape, construction paper and glue sticks.  I must say that she is very creative too.

On Monday, she started her after school drawing class.  It's an hour each Monday and it's right at her school.  Well, I can't say she didn't like it. She loved it and I loved seeing her smile!  I'll have someone take a picture for me later about how nice it came out. She added very cool details.

Laura's life has been ever changing since she entered the third grade.  Other than working harder in math, her life has been coming together nicely though.  She decided to join the choir at school.  She has a remarkable singing voice so I'm happy. She's liking her dance class and doing well in karate. She will have her green belt next Friday.  Yesterday she was invited to a slumber birthday party and one of her friend's will be sleeping over next weekend. Sweetly she cried a little that she'd miss me too much but I know that she'll be just fine.

As her mom, it's been my greatest joy seeing her grow.  It's also been a huge challenge to keep up with parenting her. It's ever changing and hard sometimes. I never know what mood she will be in and how to navigate.  I'm also giving up more control and giving her more responsibility of what she needs to do. It's been hard because I try to make her life as smooth as I can, but knowing I can't live for her makes me realize I need to loosen up.  I'll never stop protecting her though or being on her side.


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