Laura, the reader of many books

Laura is such an avid reader. Her reading ability and comprehension has always made me extremely amazed.  At nine years old, she is reading the last book of The Harry Potter series..  My dad watched one of the movies with her about a week ago, and he couldn't believe that she had never saw the movie before.  He said she knew all of the parts coming up and even some of the dialogue. She understood and recalled it from reading.

For Christmas, Laura had gotten more books from the series called the Diary of a Minecraft Zombie.  I started her on the series for her birthday back in September.  She loved them and wanted to read more. So, for Christmas I knew she would love it.  I bought her three more of the series.

Last night I picked one of the books up as she was doing her homework.  To my surprise, she already read all of them.  I asked her, "What do you mean that you read all of them?" She happily replied that she, in fact, read them all. I was completely astonished because they aren't that small and she was quite busy during break.  I told her that I can't buy her another book for awhile but she could ask her librarian to order it in for her.

I'm very happy she likes to read. When I was young, I enjoyed reading but had such a difficult time holding a book.  I would end up holding it down with my knees and bending my neck to read.  Even then, I had trouble keeping the pages still. Back then, there wasn't any kindles or iPads like now.  I certainly would've loved it if they were available.

Israel, Laura's biological father, also loved to read. He read constantly and often spent all night reading.  It's absolutely amazing how many traits she has and he died when she was just 6 months.  It makes me feel sad to think what they would've been like together.  I know that he'd be crazy about her.  But they certainly share the love of reading!


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