Laura, super girl, needs a sick day

When I was sick, I rarely had a chance to stay home because my parents had to work. I went to my grandparents house. It wasn't horrible by no means but it would've been nice to stay home. I remember though how warm my grandparents house was, the endless glasses of orange juice, lying on the floor with an afghan and sleeping on and off with soap operas on in the background. I had the best grandparents in the world.

Early on in my life, I decided when I was a mother, I'd try to stay at home. I wanted to give them that gift as long as possible.  Seeing your children sick is the worst feeling. You can try as much as you humanly can to make them feel better but even we have limits. I use my mother instincts and just love.

I try to raise my kids how I'd like to be treated.  We do pajamas, medicine, juice, bananas, toast, warm blankets, hugs, television time, iPad time and soup. We check temperatures and medicine chased with candy.

Today is a sick day for Laura and we have done all the above. We are now watching the series Super Girl. We are both enjoying it and nice to see her smile.  I know she's not feeling one hundred percent but she's getting there.


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