Monday, January 4, 2016

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader

Jason received many neat toys for Christmas. Jason favorite toys are cars, trucks, construction trucks and anything transportation related. We have many things with wheels in this house and it captivates him for a long time.

As a last minute idea, I purchased the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Car Loader.  It's a very basic toy when you look at it.  It's a truck with a flat bed carrying for colored cars. The top of each car has a magnet and the truck has a wooden arm that moves with a magnet. It can grab each car one by one. 

Well, as soon as Jason opened this toy up on Christmas morning-I believe he fell in love.  He really didn't want to open anything else until we coaxed him. He liked his little wooden truck. 

It's amazing that usually the best toys are the most simple opening the door to the imagination.  I enjoy watching him play with each truck and hear him talk it through. To buy or look at it go to 
Melissa and Doug Magnetic Loader


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