My family and charter schools

Laura's school has family bingo night. This year was our third year going, and we had lots of fun. Not because we are crazy about Bingo but because we just have a good time. This year, my sister, joined us for the first time. We always have an excellent time together.  A few of us came close to winning. A few times Laura came real close but we didn't win.

I love Laura's school and am so sad that Govenor Tom Wolf is trying to kill charter schools.  I understand unions back him and he gets money from them. However, how can he just rip funding from great schools just to appease the unions? Charter schools are so good because of no unions. Teachers actually love what they do, and it shows.  Money isn't a driving force but teaching is.  When you have teachers that love what they do - you have kids who love to learn. That simple.

Well, all I can do is pray and write my Govenor.  It's getting late, and I play hockey tomorrow.  Have a great night.


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