Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The LilyPad scale for people in wheelchairs

I had the wonderful opportunity to have a trial period with the LilyPad scale. As someone who uses a wheelchair, being weighed isn't easy, and in many cases, nearly impossible.  I found that not being able to be weighed especially difficult when I was pregnant. We always had to guess or just estimate.  

The LilyPad Scale is light weight and easy to set up.  It basically comes with five components - mat and four holders for the wheels. This makes storage very easy because many scales for wheelchairs are huge and heavy.  The convenience of storage is a huge plus especially if you have a busy household like I do. You can also take it with you when you travel.

To use the scale, you need a manual wheelchair and a smartphone.  I, personally, use a motorized wheelchair most of the time but do have a manual chair for times when needed.  You need to line up your chair perfectly on the four wheel holders. Then the smartphone app is neat and easy to use.  It can remember weights to keep track of your progress.

From my point of view, I found it difficult to use because I have athetoid spastic cerebral palsy. So, in other words, I move around a bit more making it hard for the wheels to stay just so in the holders. I would've liked something else in addition to the smartphone app that says how much you weigh. Someone might not always have a smartphone with them.  I also find the price to be quite high for the general population. It costs approximately $700. Perhaps a medical office could use this though and afford purchasing one.

In summary, the LilyPad scale is a terrific idea and much needed for people in wheelchairs. You must have and be able to sit still in a manual wheelchair. If you can place your chair precisely on the system and be very still, it works great.  Plus you need a smartphone or there is no other way to read the weight.  And, it costs around $700.  If interested, they offer a 30 day free trial before purchasing.  Go to their web site at 
LilyPad Scales

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