Friday, January 15, 2016

When your kids leave

Isn't it funny when your children are running around like crazy, yelling or arguing and all you want is quiet? Then all of the sudden they are off to grandparents or sleepovers and then there is nothing but silence. Too much silence. And then you wonder how am I going to fill the day? It's a funny rhythm as a parent. You long for bed times and then when they're gone - you want them back!

What do I do when the kids leave? I clean and organize. I know, I know that I already do that when they are here but it's a bit easier to be more thorough when they aren't.  I also don't feel guilty that I'm not ignoring anyone by going through boring paperwork or reorganizing the plastic containers cabinet.  At lunch, I kept looking at the clock so I didn't miss nap time. Yet no one here was to go for a nap.

I fast forward about 16 years in my mind and think of the silence I'll surely feel then.  No trucks whizzing by, no one asking me to play or if they can do something. I know growing children is all a part of life and involves getting my own life so to speak. But right now, I'll crack open a book as my husband naps before we do dinner and go out dancing. Unless we rather sleep!

Tomorrow the house will be full of life again until Laura has yet another sleepover. But we will at least have Jason back and let the noise begin again. 

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