Thursday, February 11, 2016

14 ways to say I love you

Nursing school, kids, cancer and the every day things in life can make romance difficult.  We are lucky just to have a few minutes to say hello and goodbye.  I'm a romantic and love romance. I'm looking forward to any hint of normalcy so we can put Romance back in our Relationship.

Expressing your love is essential in any loving relationship.. People need to feel loved in order to believe it. No, not everyday can be Valentine's Day. However, with a little effort you can express it daily. 

  1. Use sticky notes and post loving messages where people will find it.
  2. Help with chores without being asked. 
  3. Keep the house clean. A clean house equals a happy spouse.
  4. If something goes wrong, both take responsibility. Don't ever let them feel alienated on a difficult situation. 
  5. Never put down their appearance especially weight. Instead offer activities that are healthy to do together.
  6. Hold hands and kiss often.
  7. Out of the blue, give a random special surprise. It doesn't need to be expensive. Just something that you know you will like.
  8. When you are angry, think about all the nice things that they do. It will help dissolve anger.
  9. Compliment three times as much as complaining. 
  10. Always try to spend time together each day. Don't let the busy life consume you.
  11. When someone is mad, upset, sad or frustrated, go to them and embrace them. Also surprise them with a kiss.
  12. Be trustworthy. If you want someone to trust you, be worth trusting.
  13. When you speak about your partner to others, only speak about positive things.
  14. Be kind to children and animals. It's a major turn off when someone is unkind to animals and kids especially.

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