A letter to Laura

Laura used to be a shy and reserved girl. We always encouraged her to try new things and experiences. Now she is! Laura has joined choir, taking karate twice a week and drawing class. In March, she joined Girls on the Run which also meets twice a week. I'm a little nervous for her that she took on too much but I'm also excited she's expanding her horizons. 

Laura's grades are still excellent. Math is a bit lower but it's not due to effort. It's a hard math curriculum this year and I feel they move way too fast.  I only feel bad because Laura wants A's in everything and I think this trimester she will have one B in math. I do stress to her that it's more important to know the material than a letter grade. I will accept A's and B's no problem.

She has also entered a spelling B which is on February 20. The same day as Jason's birthday so it'll be quite an interesting day. Laura is a very good speller especially since she reads constantly.  I'm just impressed that it was all her idea and she's going through with it.

Last Friday, Laura's school had a special event just for girls. It had to do with girl self esteem, self worth and achieving anything you want in life.  I had to write a letter and I think this sums things up pretty well how I feel about Laura.

Dear Laura,

When I was young, I knew I wanted to have a daughter but I never thought that I'd be blessed enough to have you. You are a remarkable young lady who surprises me daily with your intelligence and drive to do new things. Laura, you are a very strong person who handles life with grace.

I'm extremely proud of you and everything that you create plus think to do. People tell me constantly how much they like you and think you're absolutely amazing. I couldn't agree more. Do not let anyone keep you from your own success or being happy.

Life can be challenging but keep on being you and decide to do your best no matter whatever happens. The world is a much better place with you in it. You are loved, cared about, admired, and respected from more people than you realize.  You are compassionate, creative, intelligent, interesting and kind.

I love you very much - infinity and more!


Jessica Grono - educator and speaker


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