A letter to men on Valentine's Day

Men complain about St. Valentine's Day too much. They suck all the joy and fun out of it. Here is an open letter to those men who want to blame Hallmark on poor loving St. Valentine.

Dear Men,

Every year on February 14 a holiday called St. Valentine's Day occurs. It celebrates love. St. Valentine was a priest who performed marriages in a time where Christianity was oppressed. He was thrown in jail for his celebrations of love.

There is no need to be mean or hate this holiday. Yes, feel free to express your love daily. On February 14, just simply get a card and a stuffed animal, flower or candy. Say Happy Valentine's Day! No big deal.

If you are looking to hurt your loved one then go ahead put February 14 down, make fun of it and call it stupid. I'm not sure why anyone would want to inflict hurt feelings.

So my advice is to embrace February 14. Get a card and hug your loved one. It's only one day a year. Why make it miserable??




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