Jason is almost three

When I found out that I was the mother of a son, I felt scared.  I did a pretty good job raising a daughter, but I didn't know much about raising a little boy.  Turns out that it's quite fun and a never ending adventure.

Jason is a smart kid.  He can put together things logically faster than me sometimes. Even before he was speaking in complete sentences, you could tell Jason understood exactly what was happening.  Now he speaks in sentences.  His newest phrase starter is, "I think...."  Jason also recently has liked saying that he can't do something even though he can. We are working on that one.

Jason at two hasn't been horrible. He had his moments, but in general, it has been pretty good.  One moment was when he used the filled dog bowls as frisbees in the kitchen. There was also the time he took pen to the walls. And most recently, jumped off the end of our couch right into the edge of the table leading to stitches in his bottom lip.

He is a social boy. Whenever we're out, he will smile and say Hi to people.  At Christmas time, Jason wished people a Merry Christmas.  When we have company, Jason will always ask if they want a drink or food.

Jason takes care of me.  Whenever I get up to go down our hall, Jason will run to put the bathroom light on and even lifts the toilet seat in anticipation of me using the bathroom.  He will put on my bedroom light and try to get out my pajamas for me at night. He likes to tell my attendant what I need done in the morning. He likes to cover me up, give me drinks and makes sure I have my phone.  Jason told Jeff the other day that he has to take care of Mommy.

He knows his alphabet and some understanding on letter sounds.  He can count to 12 and puts it out on the clock. Jason knows all his shapes, colors and animals. He can even tell you the names of certain dinosaurs. He knows different trucks and equipment like an excavator. Jason is good at knowing where we're going by the direction we are going in.

Jason is very good at letting the dogs in and out. He can now feed the cats but supervision is best. It's a shame that Lucky is 14 because in her younger days, she would've loved to run and play with Jason. Jason isn't always the kindest to her, unfortunately. This often leads him in time out.  He also gets too carried away with the cats also landing him in a time out.

Jason loves his daddy.  They both share a love of cars.  He often asks for him when Jeff is at school.  He also is very close to his sister. They might be six years apart but they can fight and love one another as if they were two years apart. I love when I see them snuggled close on the couch reading or watching a show.  I love on Saturday mornings Laura will take care of Jason so I can sleep. She not only plays with him but gives him a whole new outfit and breakfast. She's a great big sister.  Jason will comfort Laura when she needs it and looks out for her.

Both of my attendants love Jason and vice versa.  I'm very lucky to have great help and people that love my kids like family.  Jason's grandparents also adore him. 

In a few days, Jason will be three. I'm sad to see two go but three has many more adventures.  Mastering the potty is one and he'll be going to preschool in the fall.


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