Jason's third birthday

I'm very happy that my doctor didn't call about the new found cancer on Friday. It didn't over power Jason's birthday or party.  Jeff had to work a few hours in the morning. When the kids woke up, Laura gave Jason his present. She picked up a monster truck fire truck at a store we went to after karate and dinner.  Isn't it weird that a store would close at 7pm on a Friday? We made it in time and Laura found the perfect gift.

Jason loved it.  Whenever you said Happy Birthday to him, he'd say it back to you.  We worked on him saying he was three.  Jeff took him to Laura's spelling bee. He did pretty good except after awhile he tried to run on stage. He also needed a pull-up change so they left.  After Laura went out, Jeff and Jason picked us up.  My parents and all of us went to a local restaurant that we frequently go to for lunch.

We are friends with the manager and they knew it was Jason's birthday. At the end of lunch, they sang to him and served chocolate cake. At first, I thought that he might cry but then he smiled and blew out the candle.  

At home, Jeff and I gave him all of our birthday gifts. He had a blast opening each one. Jeff gave him a light saber and a storm trooper jacket. He loved them and looked adorable.  He also loved his remote control fire truck.  He got many cool gifts.

On Sunday, we had his big family birthday party.  My sister bought about 10 helium balloons and I got him a gigantic R2D2 balloon. He was very surprised and still giggles each time he sees it. The party was a success with friends, neighbors and family. All the kids got along. Jason had two birthday cakes - construction site and a race car.

We were all tired and did some cleaning but most was done Monday and Tuesday.  Great time!  Jason is now heavy in potty training and loving his toys.


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