The day of my lumpectomy

Today I had my lumpectomy to take out the cancer that invaded my body. Luckily, the surgery wasn't scheduled too early so I could see my daughter off to school. When you have cancer, life doesn't pause. There's still children to raise, a husband to support, a house to care for, pets to tend to and a blog to update. Then in the quiet of the night, the worry and wondering sinks in. However, I tried to focus on the bright side and stay positive.

My mom came to my house early in the morning. She and Jeff went with me to the hospital.  We left right after Laura's bus came, and Laura was extremely brave. I could see in her smile that she held in tears. I hugged her tight and kissed her.  My mom walked her to her bus stop and they chatted until the bus arrived.   Laura definitely enjoyed that and helped diffuse the worry. I hugged and kissed Jason. He stayed with my very good friend. Then we were off!

I wasn't as nervous as I was when I had the biopsy a few weeks ago.  I knew what to expect and actually many of the hospital staff remembered me.  Everyone was really nice and supportive.  Getting my IV took little time which is rare since I move a lot.  I also got to have my favorite anesthesia person.  My doctor was raring to go to get this cancer out of me and so was I!

I fell asleep rather quickly but woke up when they were finishing up in the operation room. I could hear what they were saying but couldn't really respond.  My recovery nurse was really kind and he made me feel comfortable.  They gave me a beta blocker so my heart rate didn't skyrocket. For my biopsy, it did skyrocket! This time I felt pretty good.

Before leaving the hospital,  I could eat graham crackers and drink apple juice. Before surgery I craved a turkey bacon club sandwich and that's what we got on our way home.  I got home around 1pm. 

I'll write more tomorrow about after surgery but feeling rather sleepy right now.  Thank you for being awesome readers and friends!


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