An overall good day

Yesterday a couple of geat things happened.  The day started out an average Tuesday.  Laura went to school and Shawn, Jason and I had a day of errands and grocery shopping.  Jeff went to school for more tests.  

Jason did awesome when going out. You can tell he's three because he listens better and he's a more patient shopper.  I actually miss him when he's not with us. Whenever we go to the grocery store, he has to see the lobsters immediately. I take him, but I can't stand looking at them. I feel so bad, but yes, I shamefully admit I eat them.

After lunch, Jason and I played outside.  The weather was above 70 degrees and sunny.  Any time that I can get Jason outside, I will. He loves it.  When he went for a nap, and my attendant left, I became ridiculously exhausted.  I had wanted to do work and writing but I ended up falling asleep for over an hour.  When I woke, I felt groggy and worse than before.  After Jason woke, we hung out and all took a walk when Jeff came home. The walk perked me up a bit.

Jeff was feeling hopeful about his school tests but was waiting upon a telephone call or email saying if he passed or failed LPN school. Jeff started LPN school in September 2014.  It's been a long hard ride for both of us but especially him.  He managed to go to school or clinical all day, make dinner, clean up, help me and do the laundry each night. He also worked on the weekends and took me to hockey.  In the meantime, we tried to have some couple time and spend time with the kids.

During the walk, he had the idea of going to dinner after Laura's karate class.  My dad offered to pick Laura up and bring her to the restaurant and we all ate together.  Laura came in with a big bubbly smile. She was so excited to tell me what happened, that her body was glowing.

I let her teachers know pretty quickly when I learned that I had breast cancer. That way they understood if Laura seemed more emotional or not quite herself.  Her teachers are wonderful and are like family.  Well, her teachers and staff came together and put a gift bag together for Jason and Laura. They obviously knew Laura very well -  Journal, adult coloring book, pens and Jason got a book, coloring book and crayola coloring pages. All of her teachers signed an inspirational card with supportive messages to Laura. Reading them bought tears to my eyes.

Then Laura showed me a card that they sent for Jeff and I.  It was extremely supportive and signed by everyone. They also sent us a gift card and that had said dinner on us! Again, tears sprang to my eyes. How incredibly thoughtful and wonderful to know that Laura is in such amazing hands during the day.

About ten minutes after we came home, Jeff learned that he had passed all of his nursing courses.  Nursing school has finally ended! He succeeded.  All he needs to do is pass the state LPN test in a few weeks!  His official graduation is scheduled in a few weeks.

Days like these just make the most glittery beautiful memories!


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