Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Fool's Day for kids

April 1 is April's fools day. It is not necessarily the most popular holiday, but it still comes along once a year. We, adults, have a chance to act like children and our children have some great memories.

  1. Pick them up from school or meet them at the school bus wearing a wig, mismatched clothes, fancy clothes or just something unusual.
  2. Freeze their morning cereal.
  3. Put toilet paper in their shoes!
  4. Instead of their favorite juice, put Jello with a straw in it.
  5. Make an opposite meal. Dinner for breakfast etc.
  6. Pack something in the lunch bag or a funny note from the president.
  7. Mix the cereal boxes around.
  8. Put happy faces on all the containers in your fridge.
  9. Fill their room with balloons.
  10. Switch bedrooms when they are sound asleep!

Enjoy the day. Remember to have fun and not mean!

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