Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little health changes

I've made a few healthier eating changes in the last few weeks.  I wouldn't say that I've ever been a bad eater but there's always room for improvement.  Since diagnosed with breast cancer, I feel one of two ways (and it varies each day) - eat healthy or eat whatever I want because it really didn't matter - I was diagnosed with cancer anyway.

Luckily, I'm choosing the eat healthier route because I don't want to ever be overweight, and  I like feeling healthy.  My attendant is choosing to be healthier also.  She has a fit bit and everyday she tracks her steps. I'm so happy for her but sometimes wish I could walk too and track mine. They need a fit bit for people that crawl or move differently.

She told me about an app I could get on my iPhone called plant nanny.  You put in your weight and it tells you how many ounces to drink of water. It gives you a plant and every time you drink a glass of water, you water your plant. Usually we don't drink enough water, so this is a great fun reminder.  I've been doing it since Monday and feel good!

I read the value of eating bananas.  Your body gets many great benefits from eating two bananas a day.  I usually ate one every morning with my Special K cereal.  Now I eat another one as my mid day snack and it feels great too.

We also went to a fruit and vegetable market which has cheaper produce in bulk. It's nice to have fresh fruit and vegetables around and the kids love to snack on it as well.

I haven't been to the YMCA in awhile due to various reasons but want to go back soon.  I do stretch and try to do some exercise when possible.  I still eat dessert after lunch and few not healthy things here and there. I hardly drink soda but I drink a cup of iced tea at lunch.  No need to cut out everything but a few things make a big difference!

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