Sunday, March 6, 2016

My husband's support and by my side

Jeff and I have almost been married for six years. I still find it hard to believe because we are still learning about each other. It doesn't feel like six years because there seems so much more to learn.  Laura was two years old when we met in November 2008. I was in my serious stage of life, and I had a good handle on this single parenting thing.  My late husband past away in 2006 so I wasn't new at figuring out the world.

In our early dating stages, Jeff helped bring back a more fun me. He challenged me to think more about my happiness and needs. I challenged him to settle down and think more about others.  We've been through a lot good and bad.  We hurt and forgive. We learn and grow.  We try to change and improve for the better always.

Jeff and I are very alike yet very different people. Deep down our goals are similar but our paths of getting there are different. For example, I was strongly against nursing school for many reasons.  I had a sinking sensation when we toured the school. I did want Jeff to better himself but was petrified of the affect it would have on our family, marriage and finance.  I never told him not to do it but gave my reasons. He pursued it and is almost done. Now that he's almost a nurse, I'm proud that he did it and looking back on the time, there were plenty of struggles - but we pulled through.

We were both looking forward to the end of school.  Our lives would get back to somewhat normal and more family time. Then we were hit hard with my cancer diagnosis.  I believe we were both in shock.  Jeff even offered to quit school if necessary but I told him no way.  He is so close to graduating that quitting wasn't an option.

I remember when we found out that the cancer existed after the lumpectomy and a mastectomy looks like the necessary option. I cried a lot! That night, he held my hand and told me that I can be brave for Laura and everyone else, but with him I should be me.  It was very relieving to know that I could say what I needed to, be mad, be positive or just cry and he understood.

He never said that he knows exactly how I feel.  No one can know even if someone had cancer. Every cancer is different and affects everyone differently. People can relate better if they did have cancer but no one knows unless you're them.

Now come April, big decisions will be made and then following big life changes.  The possibility of losing a body part impacts him second to me so it's hard for both of us.  Maybe this is why he became a nurse and the timing in all of this wasn't so bad after all. God doesn't give people cancer, but He does help us with a road map to hopefully make it less stressful.

I'm thankful that Jeff isn't a quitter and works through challenges as I do.  We certainly can make it through anything and hopefully in a year from now, we will be planning our next healthy adventure together.

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