Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Potty training a three year old

Jason and potty training.  Before he was three, he wanted nothing to do with using the potty.  Most kids are excited or a little interested but not Jason.  I asked my sister for advice and she said that she told my nephew that at three, all the diapers go to babies and he needs to use the potty.  She said it worked great.

With Laura, she was mentally ready and excited but her body just wasn't. It took quite a bit of time with her but she was interested at least.  Motivating Jason proved difficult.

So, myself, Jeff and my attendants would remind Jason back in January that no more diapers when he turned three.  He even would repeat it here and there.  We would reward him with one M&M when he sat on the potty just to make it positive.  He got two if he went in the potty.

The day after his birthday party, as promised, we use no more diapers.  We do use pull ups at bed time and when we go out for now.  When we are at home, he wears big boy underwear.  He likes to wear Cars!  Last Saturday, we had to buy a better potty that was more comfortable and he will sit on the regular toilet too.

I'm rather impressed. He hasn't really had too many accidents and will tell us when he has to go sometimes.  I feel bad needing to remind him and make him sit when he doesn't need too but that's all part of the process.  I realize it'll take time for him to master the potty but he's doing very well for a boy who had zero interest even a few weeks ago.

He loves pouring it into the toilet and flush it.  He calls it Splash!  He even rinses out the little pot himself which is absolutely hilarious!

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