Terri Schiavo day

March 2005, my heart broke, my faith shook, and a new fear grew inside of me. It was the day Terri Schiavo died from forced starvation. I couldn't believe that our country of people who say live and let live supported this woman with a disability to die.

Terri Schiavo collapsed February 25, 1990. The cause of this collapse is still unknown but as a result, she suffered brain damage due to a lack of oxygen. Terri couldn't walk and had other significant disabilities but she was responsive.

She began saying a few words and smiling at her family - especially her mother. Terri’s husband quickly took on power of attorney and had control of her finances. He won a lawsuit against doctors that took care of Terri before the collapse. He also petitioned for Terri's death by starvation starting in 2000.

In 2005, his wish had been granted despite pleas from her family. Her family visited Terri constantly and cared for her. They wanted rights to care for Terri but her husband insisted she had to starve and dehydrate.

It took thirteen days for Terri to starve and dehydrate. Can you imagine being forced to die this way? Terri wasn't on life support, in pain or was suffering. She was responding to her environment and people around her.

I will never forget the pain in my heart when Terri died. I couldn't believe that more people weren't outraged and fighting for her survival. I felt terrible for her family especially her mother who became totally helpless.

I'm a woman with significant brain damage and personally know of many who were just like Terri Schiavo. They smiled and laughed. They enjoyed life the best way they could - just like all of us. Remember March 31 as a day we all watched someone forced to starve and hope it never happens again.

Please visit her site terrisfight.org


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