A letter to Laura

April 6, 2016

Dear Laura,

I love you with everything in my being and soul.  You have enough strength and courage in you to carry you through any challenge. Don't hide behind a sour attitude or any meanness. Let your true eternal beauty shine.  You are so smart, happy, funny, energetic and caring. No one can take these things away from you - especially yourself.  Keep reminding yourself that these qualities make you who you are.

Have faith in Jesus. He loves you more than you'll ever know. Stay on His side because any other side will only leave you sad and depressed.  Stay loving, helpful, grateful, nice, and smart. That is the true success in life. Money, being selfish, rude comments and being mean will only result in unhappiness..  I want you to be happy and live a life that makes you and Jesus proud.  When mistakes happen, get back up, shake it off and learn from it.  No regrets.  Only apologies and moving on to happier times.

Also, stay close to your brother and family. Friends come and go but family is yours forever.  You don't want to push family away because they love you and will help you.  Look after your brother and make sure he's leading a life of real happiness.  He loves you even if he needs his space.

Laura, as you grow and start to have a family of your own, remember these things.  Only be married to someone that gives you respect, loves you and has Jesus in His heart. Don't settle for any less because you deserve the world. If you're hurt by someone, forgive but if the hurt is very disrespectful with no change, leave. It's not worth it and no one has a right to ever hurt you.  Turn on your power and fight.  You can make it even if it's hard and you feel you can't.  Pick up your pieces and build again.

Always remember you're loved and cared for.  Please always love. Love rules everything and only leads to true success.




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