A painful but needed miracle

On Friday night, I felt this miserable pain in my bottom teeth on the right side.  I couldn't sleep and nothing I could do helped. On Saturday, I called dentists but no appointments were available. I contemplated not going to hockey but didn't want to let my team down and it would possibly be my last hockey game in awhile.

So, with Tylenol and orajel plus a supportive husband, I decided to go.  I thought being distracted would help as well.  Luckily, I played two good games with my team. We won both.  On the way home, the pain shifted up my face and gums.  I realized then that I might have a sinus infection again and not a cavity.

On Sunday, I taught Prep and came home. My pain was increasing in intensity. I thought about going to Urgent care but last time, I was misdiagnosed.  I signed online and made an appointment for 8:30 today.  I started counting the hours to 8:30.  My husband set me up on our recliner with a heating pad on my face. Jeff bought me a milkshake and it hurt too bad to drink.

Today I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a sinus infection.  I needed to shop at BJs store before my surgery.  The pain slowly increased beyond belief.  On our way home, I was beside myself in pain. My poor attendant felt so bad and I felt bad making her feel bad.  I took medicine as soon as I got home.  All I could do was sit holding a heating pad to my face, pray and try to stop negative thoughts.  I attempted three bites of soup but the pain felt like I was eating crushed glass.

Before my attendant left, she set me back up in the recliner. The pain disappeared slowly.  It's not all gone but it's 60 percent gone.  I could eat dinner and drink.

I find it a miracle because I think I have faced the worst pain thus far. Friday, I will feel pain again. But now I think I can take anything coming my way since  I've experienced the worst. I feel stronger and wiser. Now I must go because pain is slowly creeping in. Thank you to my friend/attendant who was with me at the worst, my husband, family and friends.  Thank you for prayers. Love you all.


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