Thursday, April 28, 2016

All about including another dog

After our much loved Lucky passed away in the middle of March, we contemplated adding another dog to our family.  The ironic part is that my husband had always preferred cats.  We have three cats because Jeff had two before we had met, and I had one.  Jeff had always said after Lucky died, we would stick to one dog.  Seemed reasonable to me since we have two kids and three cats anyway.

Here is the ironic part. A few days after Lucky died, Jeff started sending me links to various dogs or puppies needing a home.  I reminded him about what he always said, but he remarked that Lady was depressed being alone. Also, even though Lucky was old, she had personality and spunk. We were missing it.  Lady is actually a perfect dog - calm, listens and docile.  But she isn't very energetic or playful unless another dog brings it out of her.

I hesitated a lot.  I wasn't sure if getting a dog right before breast cancer surgery was the best thing to do. I also didn't want to be impulsive because we were mourning Lucky.  But slowly and surely, Jeff, Laura and my friend (and attendant) wore me down.  We drove a distance to one SPCA with the kids and Lady one Wednesday afternoon in every intention to adopt a new four legged family member. We went to the same one where we adopted Lady.

To our disappointment, the web site failed to inform you certain dogs were only good for certain age kids.  There weren't any dogs for our family.  The kids were disappointed and we were annoyed we drove all that way for nothing and had two sad kids.

The next day Jeff and I decided to go to another SPCA just ourselves for the kids sake. On their web site, they had a 9 month old puppy that we thought would be a good fit. It was a beautiful warm day, and we got there about twenty minutes early.  Others were there too because many young puppies were available. We all waited until the doors opened.

It's always sad going into the SPCA.  Seeing all the dogs in pens just waiting to be loved. You wish you could adopt each one but you know that you can't.  On our way to find the dog we wanted, we passed Sasha.  She jumped up to greet Jeff and as he kept going, I stayed.  I read she was about three, good with dogs, cats, kids and house broken.  She wasn't crazy or barking.  I thought just maybe she would be the better choice.

I went to the pen Jeff was looking at, and quickly saw the dog was much bigger and hyper than I would like. We went in a room and they first let us see the puppy and then Sasha.  It was a toss up.  They were both friendly and adorable.  I was leaning to Sasha and he was leaning towards the puppy.  Then I asked why did they get rid of the puppy? They said she wasn't good with other pets. As sad as we were to not give the puppy a home, we knew Sasha would be best.

I never had an American hound dog.  She was very happy to leave and go home. I felt nervous introducing her to Lady.  I didn't know how Lady would react.  We introduced them the Caesar Milan way, and they were fine.  Sasha walked around the yard with her tail between her legs for about ten minutes.  Then just like a light bulb went off that said she was in her forever home, she ran around very fast with her tail up extremely happy.  She and Lady played too.

We all had to learn about Sasha's personality and she had to learn how we run as a family.  The hardest time was when I was in the hospital for three days.  My friend took care of her but she became destructive and figured out how to climb the fence.  We figured out how to make our fence better for her and she calmed down when we were all home.

Lady has become a mommy figure to Sasha. Sasha likes to lay with her and play with her. Sasha is smart and is pretty obedient when we firmly tell her.  She has a great personality and bought lively back to our family.


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