Husband appreciation day

Husband appreciation day is the third Saturday of April. Husbands are often unappreciated and sometimes ignored. It's nice to spend one day to show your husband how much he is loved. If you can't celebrate him on the exact day, you can extend it out to the third Sunday of April.

Most of us realize that men and women want and need different things in a romantic relationship. But we can all agree on that we need love and know we are important to our spouse. A  is a living and growing body that without attention, will wilt. However, if you give it time, love and appreciation, the marriage will flourish.

Here are some recommendations to show your husband you appreciate him. Even on the tiniest budget, you can show you care.

Give him a card of love and favorite candy.
Offer to do his share of the housework for a day or two. Do it without complaining.
Make him his favorite dinner and dessert.
Buy him a new video game.
Make him a coupon book filled with little acts of kindness he can redeem.
Get a nice picture of you and the children.
Buy him something he wants but feels bad spending money on himself.
Tell him about everything he does that you appreciate.
Stop nagging and complaining.
Watch a movie together.
Hold his hand.
Make an all about you basket filled with all of his favorite things.
Buy tickets to a favorite sport or music event.
Wash his car.
Talk nicely about your husband in front of your children.
Take him to a movie and dinner.
Surprise him in a way only you know how.
Hire a handyman to do a job that he absolutely dreads.
Rub his back.
Put his laundry away.
Breakfast in bed.
Call him out of the blue just to say I love you.
Go on a hike together.
Go to the beach.
Let him nap without a single complaint.

Have fun and love your husband!


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