Not Justice Quality, Mom

Jason and Laura are doing great and growing strong.  Yesterday afternoon, after teaching Prep, Laura went into full tween mode with her clothes.  She wanted me to take her to the store called Justice for tween girls.  I have no idea where that came from because we've never been a family that was hung up on clothing labels.  She claims to get it from YouTube kids.

I told her that I wasn't taking her to Justice until she cleaned out her drawers because I knew that she had lots of clothes already. Laura was cracking us up talking in a tween sassy voice while emptying out her wardrobe and discarding ones she never wore or outgrown.  I felt happy since I knew she had to do this anyway with the season change so I'm happy that it wasn't I had to make her do when she didn't want to.

Today as Shawn and I were changing my winter clothes to spring and summer, we found another bag of summer clothes for Laura. So, sometime this week she will be going through them. Then, as promised, either Friday or Saturday I will take her to Justice.  Luckily, I'm big on online deals and such as well.  She also likes Old Navy, Champion, Cherokee, Aero Pastel and a few others.

I'm certainly not going to allow her to be a clothing snob, but it's cool to see her doing age appropriate things within reason. She's coming into her own person and style. Laura also has a good sense of money value, charity and reason which is very good.  She is very grateful of whatever people purchase for her.


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