This is my fight song

I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog again before Friday. I'd like to say that I'm extremely grateful for everyone's support, prayers and love. I know I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without my family and friends. I still remember the phone call on a chilly January morning letting me know I had cancer. Then the roller coaster ride of having the easiest cancer that will be gone with the lumpectomy.  And then finally the call three days after my son's birthday, telling me that there was more cancer than anticipated and a mastectomy is recommended.

All those emotions. All the supportive hugs from Jeff as he had his own struggles with nursing school.  Wiping tears from Laura's cheeks and helping her to be as optimistic as possible as she's also dealing with fitting in, extra activities and increase in academics.  Assuring my friends and family that yes I need them but I'll be okay.  As okay as I can fathom I'll be.  But I know I have an army of friends and family behind me and no matter what might happen, they will step in and up.

Yes, I'm nervous. Especially knowing that tomorrow is it - last day having all my wonderful body parts that God designed especially for me.  Unfortunately, cancer had to destroy so it must go so I can live. And oh yes, I want to live.  I have to live.  I need to see my children grow each beautiful day with them. Even when they are crazy and refuse to cooperate- they are simply amazing and are on a journey to do extraordinary things.  I want to be there.  I want to grow with my husband and still do crazy unimaginable things we've been dreaming about.  I want to teach, learn and write books. I want to work out and be strong.  I want to become the best hockey player that I can be.  I want to be 90 surrounded by my children and grandchildren.  I want to do whatever God has planned for me.

So, this is my fight song and I hope you have your own fight song.  Never give up. Pain is temporary but love is everlasting!  

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