Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Celebrating Mother's Day

I recently learned that Mother's Day began as a way to stop people from going to war. The idea was to remind people of all of the pain mothers endure when a child dies in war.  To me, Mother's Day reminds me of my mom, being a mom and my grandmothers.  The kids told me Happy Mother's Day and I thanked them for making me one.

Parenting with a disability was pretty much unheard of when I had Laura almost ten years ago. Now, parenting with a disability is a lot more common.  I always knew one way or another, I would be a mother one day. Even if it seemed impossible with cerebral palsy, motherhood was definitely in my path. Now I have two beautiful children who have made me laugh, cry, and experience joy like no other way possible.  It's hard to imagine my life without them even when they aren't the most cooperative sometimes.

I had a very nice Mother's Day.  Jason gave me a pink gift bag with chocolate, two tshirts, a sweet card and a warm smile. Jeff took Jason shopping two days prior in the pouring rain.  He enjoys picking out gifts.  He eagerly helped me get each thing out of the bag and proudly opened my card.  Then he asked me for the candy. Typical three year old boy!

After Mass and breakfast, Laura gave me her gift to me which was a pretty glass apple sitting on a wooden stand with a saying on it - Thank you for all you do.  I remember when she got it. We took a walk to our neighborhood pharmacy that also has all kinds of neat gifts. Before we left the store, Laura asked me to stay in one place. She bought the gift for me and they wrapped it for me.

When Jeff came home, he helped Laura with a project.  They were working on it for almost an hour and then surprised me. It was a red rose made out of Legos. She picked it out when Jeff's mom took her to a Lego convention a few weeks ago.  Roses are my favorite and Laura knows this.

That evening we took my mom out for dinner.  My mom had been a huge advocate for my independence. She pushed for me to have my first motorized wheelchair when I was seven.  We might be very different people, but I can depend on my mom whenever I need her.  Jason and Laura are crazy about her and they always laugh hysterically together.  I'm very thankful for her help and pushing me to be as independent as possible.  We only have one mom and I love her!!

Everyday is Mother's Day to me.  Laura and Jason make me so happy plus challenge me in many ways which I love.  Last night Laura gave me a big hug and had some tears.  She felt overjoyed that I'm feeling pretty much back to myself and doing things that I used to do.  Even though she gave me a hard time about cleaning her room, I believe Laura felt pleased I was back giving her more structure. All kids need boundaries even when they fight you on it.

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